We Can't Thank You Enough !


To all of our runners, volunteers, race partners and friends throughout Massachusetts and beyond, who joined us on the 2015 Mass Dash this past Saturday: 

You’ve worked incredibly hard, and you’ve shared your hearts, your souls and your legs racing across western Massachusetts on a summer day, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support family, friends and neighbors in the fight against cancer.  You have made all of this possible, and it could not have happened without you.  This past Saturday, over 250 runners and volunteers raced and worked through Massachusetts, and together have raised over $40,000 for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!  In the five years of the Mass Dash, you have collectively raised over $500,000 in the fight against cancer--- You are all to be commended for this outstanding achievement.  And we have had one unbelievable time doing it!  We have accomplished some things that we all can be very proud of…