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Driving Directions

One key to enjoying the Mass Dash Relay race course is staying on the Mass Dash Relay race course. This can be a challenge on any race course, but particularly a 100 mile 12 hour course run at times during the dark of night. We make every effort to keep you on course, to include bright illuminated cones marking every turn. However, in an adventure race there are three tried and true methods for staying on course:

(1) Two Active Drivers: Have two active drivers in your van at all times, one driving while the second navigates from the passenger seat using your Mass Dash Handbook Driving Directions. This will allow you to be sure to monitor the course while monitoring your runner.

(2) Drive Ahead To Next Turn: Drive your van ahead of your runner and stop at every turn possible to direct and cheer your teammate

(3) Pin On Directions: Have your runner carry (or pin on) a printed copy of the turn-by-turn directions for his/her course leg, for those times and turns that the van just can't get to (see link below)

Sounds like over kill? It's an investment in your race time and your fun. Nothing eats more time and sucks more fun out of your relay experience than a lost runner.

CLICK HERE to view or print your Runner/Driver Turn by Turn Directions